Three online programs for use at home

Use any pc, laptop, or tablet

The parent is the teacher

We got Lexia for our cute second grader who was really struggling with reading. It is a very engaging program and made it fun for him (which is something he needs). The biggest thing was that his school called to say, ‘I don’t know what you are doing at home, but keep doing it!’ Thank you so much, Lexia! I love this program!
— Jennifer
We are loving lexia! Our daughter enjoys doing it and is very proud of her progress, and we are thrilled to see how much she is learning!
— Tiferet

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Beginning Program

Lexia Reading Core5

  • Pre-school through 5th grade

  • Constant assessment

  • Phonics-based

  • Research proven

  • Personalized learning

  • $175 for one year subscription

  • $110 for each additional license


Intermediate Program

Reading Plus

  • Extensive reading practice

  • Comprehension, vocabulary, eye movement

  • Interest determines story selection

  • Good practice for standardized tests

  • $175 for one year subscription

  • $110 for each additional license


Adolescent Literacy

Lexia PowerUp

The use of complex texts in middle and high school presupposes that students have already mastered fundamental literacy skills. With Lexia's instructional product for non-proficient readers in grades 6 and above, you will be able to:

  • Address the instructional needs of a wide range of adolescent reader profiles

  • Motivate and challenge students to take ownership of their learning

  • Engage students with complex texts and prepare them for college and career


As a former literacy specialist and staff developer, and current one-on-one teacher in private practice, I have promoted Lexia with districts, interventionists, and parents. I have long been a fan of Lexia, from the first time I saw it create results in a Title I School in California, in 1997. Twenty years later I remain impressed with its exact instruction, the correlation to every ounce of reading research, and ease-of-use it provides. I currently work with families using the home version, while they also see me for sessions privately. I have a background in Orton-Gillingham based programs, and it dovetails nicely with Wilson Language, Lindamood Bell, and Barton, to name a few. Finally, Lexia has been visible at many dyslexia and learning disability conferences I have attended, and they are always so available for questions and support.
— Kendra